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St. Clares of Assisi, the spotless mirror of the Sacred Heart, lead the youth into real Wisdom and Truth.

Staff Details

Rev. Sr. Reena Mandumpal

Chemistry (Principal)

Mob : 8281873432

Sr. Delna Rose


Mob : 6238741071

Anit P. Antony

(HSST English)

Mob: 9446768220

Deepa K. George

(HSST Jr. Chemistry)

Mob: 9846699623

Sr. Jophy Catherine

(HSST Mathematics)

Mob: 8281181606

Juliya Thomas C.

(HSST Physics)

Mob: 9288400733

Sr. Jyothis

(HSST English)

Mob: 9061825082

Sr. Joly Chittilappilly

(HSST History)

Mob: 6238852124

Jisha Johny

(HSST Hindi)

Mob: 8606671952

Jisha P A

(HSST Zoology)

Mob: 9446241515

Lija Jose C.

(HSST Jr. Physics)

Mob: 9496862493

Neena Antony A.

(HSST Botany)

Mob: 9446452071

Sr. Riji K Antony

(HSST Political Science)


Seena Thomas

(HSST Jr. Mathematics )

Mob: 9947632395

Shiny J.Chirammal

(HSST Malayalam)

Mob: 9400850717

Sr. Jesna Grace

(Lab Assistant)


Reeja T Manjaly

(Lab Assistant)


Reena George

(Office Assistant)


Sheela Joju

(Office Assistant)


Staff with our former student(2002-04 Science batch) Smt. ANUPAMA T V IAS (District Collector Thrissur) When a reception was given to her on 22/06/2018